Aver’s assessment solutions work for payers and providers at any point on the path to value-based payment. We identify and prioritize opportunities, design episodes using standard or customized definitions, assess provider performance, and price and monitor episodes.



Aver Episode Snapshot™ provides an enterprise opportunity analysis to identify high-value episodes for cost variance reduction opportunities. In addition, an episode-level provider performance analysis will identify ideal targeted providers based on claims history.

  • Ingest historical claims data and analyze through a value-based reimbursement lens

  • Assess results using multiple episode groupers, such as those used by the BPCI program and PROMETHEUS

  • Evaluate provider performance at the individual or group level




Aver Episode Advantage™ provides claim level details that allow an episode strategy to be monitored for success. Episode Advantage provides all services included with Episode Snapshot, plus:

  • Regular data refreshes to provide updated information

  • Reporting options including regional benchmarks, downstream provider network insight, potentially avoidable complications, episode cost breakdown and utilization member reports

  • Ability to share reporting with provider networks




Make each episode your own. Create and operationalize custom episode definitions, leveraging Aver’s complete suite of analytics and reporting services. Aver Episode Workbench™ provides all services included with Episode Advantage, plus:

  • Ability to customize episodes and quality measure design

  • Ability to customize data sources and custom, intuitive data display

  • Enhanced onsite and ongoing training to ensure utilization of Aver’s tools to full capacity





To prove — and sustain — the value of alternative payment arrangements, effective and efficient execution is critical. Equipping your provider network with Aver’s tools improves transparency, care coordination, and population health.



With Aver Virtual Payer™, encourage your contracted providers to engage in value-based arrangements by providing a platform to fully automate the administration of payments to downstream providers.

  • Let the software determine whether a patient qualifies for a value-based payment per the underlying program guidelines

  • Track quality measures to inform performance based payments

  • Process downstream payments




Data when you need it—now. Aver Episode Manager™ monitors value-based workflow, payment reconciliation, and provider performance concurrently with care delivery.

  • Assess risk level of patient in compliance with the underlying program guidelines

  • Manage risk pools in near real time across multiple value-based programs

  • Share claims data with contracted providers to drive continuous increased value