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Assisting Payers and Providers Working Seamlessly for a Common Goal

Experienced, Market-Based Teams That Support A Payer’s Entire Contracting Lifecycle

The Aver Network Services team actively engages and builds any provider-contracted bundle base by recruiting and maintaining providers’ relationships on behalf of the payer throughout the lifecycle of the contract. By recruiting in high-value provider groups, guiding the adoption of bundle payments, and working with providers to reconcile payments, Aver’s Network Services deepens existing relationships and helps build new ones.

The Aver Network Services team has decades of industry experience in value-based healthcare, negotiations, project management, training, and strategy development. The group works to quickly implement programs on the behalf of payers. Leveraging their in-depth expertise, Aver also collaborates with payers on strategic value-based initiatives from short-term to five-year plans and can train payer teams to better understand value-based care contracting so the programs continue to grow.

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Toolkit of Aver Assets – Technology and Services


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The only comprehensive VBC tool with the flexibility to meet both client and market needs.


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Aver Analytics helps answer important value-based care questions such as “Where are the opportunities in my market?”, “Where should I start?” and “How do I make this work with our other programs?”

Aver Network

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The Aver Network Services team leverages decades of industry experience in value-based care to negotiate, manage, train, and strategize the right VBC provider network for payers.

Claims Processing

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Aver eases the burden of value-based program administration and implements truly scalable solutions.

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From our suite of purpose-built software products, to our deep bench of expertise in alternative payment methods— Aver eases the transition from fee-for-service to value-based contracts.

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Let’s partner together to build, enhance, and strengthen programs that are a win-win for payers, providers, and patients.

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